CCTV and security systems

Permission management

Access control system (ACS) is a set of facilities that allows to restrict the entrance of people to the protected facility, monitor the passage and keep records of working hours in the territory.

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Security alarm system

Automatic security alarm systems can effectively ensure the security of any objects: apartments, offices, warehouses.

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Cable systems

A modern building, whether it is an office, a manufacturing complex or a residential building, is full of a lot of cable spreads and information networks: telephone system, local computer network, television cables, fire and security alarm systems, as well as indoor climate control systems.

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Video surveillance systems

The video surveillance system is a highly effective tool of fight offenses and abuses. It is also used in the investigation of the detected offenses.

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Fire detection and alarm systems

One of the main ways to increase the effectiveness of fire protection of any objects is to use systems and means of automatic fire alarm, which allows timely to inform duty personnel in case of fire, anxiety situations, and which serves as a signal for taking prompt actions.

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Designing of building site security systems

Complex service, starting from the study of features, to the selection of equipment and the development of structural diagrams of the building site.

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Building Management Systems (BMS)

BMS are a complex of software and hardware that allows to remotely control the engineering systems of one or more objects

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Protection systems from water leaks

ByteTech offers systems that allow to detection and localization timely of water leakage in water supply and heating systems, to inform the user about water leakage and minimize the consequences of the accident.

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