Video surveillance systems

The video surveillance system is a highly effective tool of fight offenses and abuses. It is also used in the investigation of the detected offenses.

The modern video surveillance systems allow to record video images in a digital format, to print separate frames, to transmit video images to long distances using the available communication channels (the Internet, telephone lines), to identify people, objects, including car numbers, persons. The modern video surveillance systems allow to control the executive devices, to transmit signals and to control other systems, to provide control of cash operations and many other things. ByTechServis provides a wide choice of various video surveillance systems. The company supplies systems, performs design, installation, adjustment and maintenance. Our company cooperates with the leading global manufacturers of equipment, such as Hikvision, Vivotek, ITV|AxxonSoft, RVi, ATMeye.iQ, Baxall, Computar, Dedicated Micros, Delta Vision, Hyundai, Ikegami, JVC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pelco, Bosch (Philips), Samsung Electronics, Sanyo, Silent Witness, Tedd Electronics, Tokina, Topica, Videotec, Videotronic, Axis.

The BYTECH company group offers the clients the equipment of such producers as Baxall, Computar, Dedicated Micros, Delta Vision, Hyundai, Ikegami, JVC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pelco, Philips–Bosch, Samsung Electr., Sanyo, Silent Witness, Tedd Electronics, Tokina, Topica, Videotec, Videotronic, Axis and others.

Services for installation of video surveillance systems:

  • Designing and selection of equipment;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Service maintenance.

Benefits from installation of video surveillance systems:

  • Accurate fixation of incidents;
  • Recognition and verification of persons, car numbers;
  • Decrease of risk of damage, theft of property, unauthorized penetration;
  • Monitoring of the situation on an object. A well-thought-out location of video cameras allows to obtain full information on the events in controlled rooms and in the protected territory;
  • Control 24 hours per day.

Video surveillance systems possibilities:

  • Integration with security systems;
  • Records and work with video in autonomous mode;
  • Data transmission by means of wireless technologies;
  • Storage of information in a format of video archives;
  • Reaction only on the movement;
  • Remote viewing online broadcast;
  • Control of several objects at the same time;
  • The client receives SMS and e-mail notifications when the cameras are turned off.

Kinds of video surveillance systems

Analogue video surveillance systems

This is the oldest type of video surveillance which uses an analog signal for data transmission. Each camera is connected to a separate channel of the DVR by means of a cable. These systems are easy for installation and connection, but their functionality concedes to modern systems, and maintenance is more labour-consuming.

IP-video surveillance systems

Computer technologies are used in this system. The signal is transmitted digitally. This type of video surveillance can be wireless. A single network infrastructure can be used to build a set of systems.


Самый современный тип систем видеонаблюдения высокой четкости (High Definition Television). Эта система наиболее эффективна при создании высокоэффективной системы безопасности.

AHD (4 in 1)

AHD is the most modern technology, combining the characteristics of IP and analog CCTV, but the price of AHD is comparable to the cost of analog surveillance. AHD-cameras can shoot and record video in HD-resolution and transmit it over the usual coaxial cable used by analog cameras.

Integration of video surveillance systems and access control system (ACS)

Possibilities of video surveillance integration:

  • broadcast of "live" video on graphic plans;
  • transition on ACS events to a video archive;
  • verification of persons. The aim is to exclude access to the premises of persons by stranger passes;
  • recognition of car numbers and their admission to the territory of the object.


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