Building Management Systems (BMS)

BMS are a complex of software and hardware that allows to remotely control the engineering systems of one or more objects

BMS are a complex of software and hardware that allows to remotely control the engineering systems of one or more objects.

Modern engineering systems are difficult and complex. Equipment systems are distributed geographically and located in hard-to-reach places. A lot of technological parameters and signals must be monitored continuously. ByTechServis offers Building Management Systems for the normal operation of engineering systems.

In most cases, BMS are included in the management system of multifunctional objects with complex engineering infrastructure as such as office buildings, shopping centers, industrial complexes, industrial facilities, etc.


  • electricity supply, gas supply;
  • heat and water supply, energy accounting;
  • security and fire systems, fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems;
  • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • video surveillance systems, access control systems;
  • escalator system, elevator system.

The implemented BMS provide visualized information about functioning of engineering systems and allow to control remotely by equipment. Local automation controllers transmit data about condition of engineering systems to the server. Operators receive processed technological data with the necessary analytical information presented in intuitive dynamic graphic form.

Data that are received and processed by BMS are formed in messages which then are archived. This information is always available and reports are generated on its basis.


  • system designing;
  • installation and adjustment;
  • supply of equipment;
  • setting;
  • repair;
  • commissioning;
  • maintenance.


The use of BMS raises the rationality of using all types of resources and allows increasing the profit from the exploitation of a facility. BMS allow to consider energy resources, normalize their consumption, to correct work in relation to external conditions. Thus, it is possible to save significant financial resources.


  • constant centralized control of the engineering systems works;
  • prompt response in the event of an emergency;
  • decrease in the influence of the human factor;
  • optimization of document circulation and reporting system.

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