Cable systems

A modern building, whether it is an office, a manufacturing complex or a residential building, is full of a lot of cable spreads and information networks: telephone system, local computer network, television cables, fire and security alarm systems, as well as indoor climate control systems.

Cabling systems are the basis on which all the main components of information and computing complexes of enterprises and organizations are built. Proper organization of the building's cabling system is one of the key tasks of creating intelligent systems and it determines the reliability of the functioning of all services and divisions of the company.

BYTECH specializes in the provision of services for the design, installation and full package of services of networks and communication systems, electricity and lighting networks.

The presence of qualified personnel and a rich material and technical base allows the ByTechService company to perform in full the work on designing and assembling structured cabling systems, including departmental systems

In the field of work with cabling systems, BYTECH is a distributor and system integrator of the following companies: HP, D-Link, Cisco, Dell, Zyxel, Zelax, Eaton, Tripp Lite, Schneider Electric, CMO and others.


  • design and selection of equipment;
  • installation of equipment;
  • commissioning works;
  • service maintenance, IT-outsourcing.


  • norms and design methods meet the requirements of the existing standards;
  • the ability to administer in accordance with standards;
  • technical correspondence of the element base used in the creation of SCS to the level of the current standards;
  • manufacturer warranty.


  • The structured cabling system (SCS) is universal, that is, it provides an opportunity to use it for signal transmission of the main existing and future types of network equipment for various purposes;
  • SCS is created on the principles of an open architecture with a standard set of basic technical characteristics designed to support the operation of any network technology;
  • allows you to create new jobs and change the topology of transmission paths quickly and cost-effectively without laying additional cabling lines;
  • having high flexibility, SCS provides the ability to adapt to the requirements of specific industries and consumers quickly;
  • allows to locate a fault quickly and restore communication due to the modular construction principle;
  • provides easy administration;
  • It is characterized by high reliability and low operating costs.


We develop design, perform construction, supply of equipment, commissioning and maintenance of:

  • fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL);
  • IT systems: structured cabling systems (SCS), local area networks (LANs), networks and data transmission systems (DTS);
  • telephone networks;
  • cable TV networks and broadband Internet access;
  • power supply systems (electrical equipment, lighting);
  • security systems (video surveillance, access control).


More than 27 years in the field of IT services

10 Chief Project Engineers (ChPrEngs), more than 88 qualified certified employees

20 cities of coverage

A wide network of equipment suppliers

Warranty for at least seven years

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