One of the leaders of the IT industry in the CIS market, a leading manufacturer of software, including secure operating systems and virtualisation platforms
Provider of cloud solutions, IT infrastructures and hosting, specializing in the design of cloud environments and communication systems, applications and websites in the cloud, as well as information security
Belarusian provider of hosting and cloud solutions for business and regional registrar of .BY and .BEL domains
Leading developer of solutions for information<br>security in the market of the Russian Federation
CIMCO Integration develops and sells production automation software
The developer of software and microelectronics, provides with its solutions information security of corporate networks from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations with distributed infrastructure
NAUMEN offers solutions in the field of digital infrastructure, client communications and service management
The SCADA Asix system for design and realization of the IT industrial systems from the ASKOM company
Producer of the modern software Asix for design and realization of the IT industrial systems (system HMI/SCADA/MES)
Leading provider of solutions and equipment for non-cash payments in all possible ways
Innovative Fire Safety Systems LLC produces fire extinguishing systems of a new type, which extinguish with use of inert gas and are able to send SMS.
ThinPrint - The leading printing solution for business. For more than a decade, companies of all sizes and industries have been using ThinPrint solutions to optimize printing.
The largest manufacturer of software for organizations, a major supplier of server hardware.
One of the largest multinational companies producing software for computer technology.
The German company, the manufacturer of the software for organizations.
One of the world leaders in the field of printing and document management technologies, a pioneer of mass production of copying machine.
A Russian company specializing in the distribution, support and development of computer programs and databases.
One of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of video surveillance systems
A major US company in the field of information technology, a provider of hardware and software.
Avanpost Company is a leading Russian developer of systems for identifying and managing access to enterprise information resources.
NCR is the leading provider in the field of banking, trade and information technology solutions and the world leader in the production and supply of ATMs and stationary scanners.
INPAS Company (INPAS COMPANY LLC) is the leading Russian supplier of equipment, software and services in the field of payment solutions for banks and retail.
Professional network video cameras of various designs, recording and archiving devices, switching equipment for construction of wired and wireless networks
The world leader in the production of video surveillance systems
Development and creation of ultramodern devices for the industry of professional video surveillance
The largest Russian developer of payment and access systems
Development, production and implementation of integrated security systems
Leader in the production of electronics and products for the security systems market based on the latest technology
The main activity is provision of security of legal entities and individuals
Develops and manufactures equipment for the transmission of signals over twisted pair, coaxial cable and lightning protection for CCTV systems
Leading supplier of consumer electronics and and not just that
Transnational company in the field of image processing and printing, medical diagnostic equipment, as well as information technology and broadcasting solutions
One of the largest manufacturers of ink-spray, dot-matrix and laser-beam printers, scanners, desktop computers, projectors, and other electronic components
The world leader in the field of innovative technologies for secure payments
Leading manufacturer of deposit machines
CCTV equipment
Axis leads the network video surveillance market, increasing the security of millions of people around the world and helping to create a more intelligent and secure world.
Production and supply of equipment for security systems, automation and supervisory control
Russian developer of software for security and video surveillance systems
Russian developer and manufacturer of integrated security systems for objects of any complexity and orientation
Leader in the field of industrial and construction technologies, consumer goods production
Professional software for security systems, supports analog and IP cameras of any resolution, as well as HDD / SSD of any size
Manufacturer of security systems
Huawei Technologies - one of the largest world companies in the sphere of telecommunications
Manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, household appliances, audio and video devices
American transnational corporation, developer and provider of solutions for banking payment systems.
Ajax Systems - manufacturer of wireless security systems and smart home devices
A software company that covers a range of IT tasks, including both server software and cloud products.
Company-developer of software for backup of virtual machines Hyper-V and VMware