Fire detection and alarm systems

One of the main ways to increase the effectiveness of fire protection of any objects is to use systems and means of automatic fire alarm, which allows timely to inform duty personnel in case of fire, anxiety situations, and which serves as a signal for taking prompt actions.

In modern systems, maintenance, control and management of fire alarm equipment is carried out with the help of advanced computer technologies using the hardware and software of a central control compartment. We are interested in the reliability of installed security systems, and in the rationality of proposed solutions. The company offers equipment of these companies to installation: Avangardspetsmontazh, Alarm, Special Automation Plant, Klasskom, Novatech Security, Rovalent Special Service, Technozashchita.


  • The fire detection and alarm system is a set of technical means designed for detection fire factors, the formation, collection, processing, recording and transmission of fire signals in a given form, operating modes of the system, other information and, if necessary, issuing signals for the management of fire protection equipment, technological, electrical and other equipment.
  • In addition to the "standard" wired solutions, the BYTECH company offers an innovative security solution for the installation of the advanced radio-channel fire detection and alarm system "Strelets" (wireless type system).


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