This is a technology for remote banking services that gives access to bills and transactions from any device that has access to the Internet. Our software allows you to communicate with the call center of the bank, opening credit and deposit lines. Communication takes place via a web interface which can be customized for each customer.
Module «Internet-Bank» is designed for electronic maintenance using the Internet. It has a web interface for financial functions similar to «MailBank».
BYTECH Company offers the following services to support the operation of the module «Internet-Bank»:


  • “Hot Line” for supporting customers and operational staff of serviced banks.
  • Accompanying the passage of mail messages (solving problems associated with mail and dialing).
  • Support for the passage of electronic documents and requests (a solution related to cryptographic protection, database settings and other factors affecting the request processing).
  • Consultation and training by phone during installation and maintenance of the module by the customer independently.


  • Departure to the client for implementation of the system, including installation and configuration of the client part of the system, as well as training the client's personnel to work with it.
  • Troubleshooting (maintenance).
  • Departure to the client for reinstallation, adjustment or elimination of problems which arise during the module operation, as well as for repeated training of the client’s personnel to work in this system.


  • Testing and distribution of system updates.
  • Establishment of clients for further work with the system.
  • Deleting client accounts in the system.
  • Administration of mail servers and servers for client request handlers.
  • Monitoring of client request handlers.

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Maintanance of remote banking services

BYTECH specialists render service corporate support to clients and employees of the serviced banks (“Client-Bank”, “Internet-Bank”, “Crypto Mail” systems)


Module “Mail-Bank” is designed for remote customer service via e-mail. It consists of two components: “Client” and “Bank”.