Forecasting of volumes of demand/production

The complex decision on forecasting of demand allowing to plan production optimum

Forecast of demand/production volume

The solution helps to forecast the demand for products more accurately. More accurate forecast of demand is optimization of warehouse stocks of production and material resources, which necessary for production. Forecasting the volume of demand reduces the cost of storing products, excludes the overstocking of the warehouse. Forecasting demand allows to plan production in an optimal way

Demand forecasting



The possibility of transition to the auto-order system

Optimization of assortment policy

Optimization of production resources

Optimization of staff workload

The decision of forecasting demand / production is based on algorithms of machine learning

Data collection

Processing and analysis


What does the solution look like?

The solution about forecasting supply/demand is a software product provided by subscription. You pay only for the time of its actual use. The solution doesn’t require the purchase, implementation and support of special equipment. The forecast is transmitted through a convenient interface, designed specially for the customer's needs

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