Precautionary maintenance of the equipment

The decision allows to lower costs of the enterprises of maintenance and repair of the equipment

Precautionary maintenance of the equipment

The decision helps to close requirements of the enterprises for cutting of costs for maintenance and repair of the equipment. Based on the current analysis of these measurements, the expected model can find out that technological installation or a concrete unit of equipment is in an unusual state that can lead to refusal in the near future. The algorithm can report that it is a probable cause of refusal and to send the recommendations of rather further actions to minimize risk of refusal. The decision helps to optimize works on maintenance, to reduce idle time of the equipment and to increase the output, to cut down expenses on repair of the equipment.

Scheme of work of the decision


Collecting and data transmission

  • Sensors (temperatures, currents, pressure, etc.)
  • ERP, MES, TORO (information on repairs and defects)
  • External factors (temperature, humidity, etc.)


Data processing

  • Data transmission in real time
  • Structuring
  • Preprocessing
  • Storage



  • Identification of abnormal states
  • Identification of violations of the modes of operation
  • Forecast of refusal of knots and units of equipment



  • Display of information on the monitor for engineers and technologists
  • Notifications (mail, SMS, workplace of the dispatcher)



  • Interpretation of information by experts
  • Retraining of system

Types of decisions

The analysis of the available data

  • Processing of the available data
  • Creation of the algorithm allowing to predict breakage of the equipment
  • Creation of reports and system of warnings to responsible personnel

"Turnkey" solution

  • Installation of sensors on the equipment
  • Visualization and analysis of data
  • Creation of reports and system of warnings to responsible personnel

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