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The BYTECH company provides ready-made workplaces for rent, including connection, commissioning and comprehensive service support for the entire period of the service.


More than 25 years of successful work in the market allowed the company ByTech to amass invaluable experience that is effectively applied today. Computer maintenance requires a systematic approach and a responsible attitude towards the fulfillment of each, even the most insignificant, at first sight, task. The work of BYTECH company is based on the concept of ITSM (a modern concept of IT management), which means that the computer and office equipment maintenance in the company will be organized in such a way that it fully meets the customer's business needs.

Computers and office equipment

The local network


Equipment purchase

Tech support

Technical services

  • subscriber maintenance of computer hardware of organizations;
  • service maintenance of local networks;
  • setting and monitoring the operation of physical and virtual servers;
  • maintenance and monitoring of server hardware;
  • remote administration of IT infrastructure;
  • organization and support of work places;
  • data backup;
  • antivirus protection; updating and configuring the software;
  • IT modernization works;
  • technical support and user consultation.

Organizational Services


  • selection and delivery of licensed equipment and software;
  • provision of a personal manager;
  • interaction with providers of required services;
  • providing of temporary workstations if necessary;
  • maintenance of the equipment repair process;
  • round-the-clock remote technical support of users.

Maintenance of computers and office equipment in the offices of organizations and enterprises:

  • deployment and relocation of workplaces (management of users workplaces, installation of operating systems, basic and additional software);
  • installation and setting of OS and applications (installation and optimization of operating systems, drivers, programs for customer's tasks);
  • timely and correct procedure for updating software and OS configurations to meet the specific companies needs;
  • control over the delivery and installation of licensed software and the renewal of licenses as required;
  • remote computer maintenance (remote control of computer and server devices, online consultations, provision of remote technical support to users);
  • installation and connection of peripheral devices (printers, faxes, modems, scanners, telephones), control of their compatibility with office and computer hardware;
  • maintenance of communications networks (connection of PCs and servers to the Internet and LAN);
  • modernization, increasing the productivity, reliability and functionality of the IT infrastructure;
  • hardware maintenance (troubleshooting on-site);
  • repair hardware (troubleshooting on-site or delivery of faulty devices to service centers with control over repairs and provision of temporary hardware);
  • data protection, that is, the regular information backup with its rapid recovery in case of loss;
  • preventive works.

Local networks maintenance:

  • LAN connection;
  • setting of network devices;
  • information security maintenance;
  • differentiation of access to resources;
  • restricting access to the Internet if necessary;
  • remote access organization

Server support:

  • management of access rights to the network;
  • server administration;
  • organization and maintenance of backup;
  • performance optimization;
  • protection from virus and hacker attacks;
  • server hardware availability.

Selection and purchase of hardware:

  • selection of optimal models and configurations;
  • search of the best offers on sale;
  • ordering;
  • curation of delivery and receipt of devices.

Technical support of users:

  • consultation on emerging questions;
  • quick response to applications;
  • remote PC Administration;
  • solving problems using the Help Desk database.

With each customer, BYTEСH concludes a service level agreement - SLA, which details the list and parameters of the services provided. The customer can choose whether he needs 24/7/365 support, calculate the optimal level of service availability, determine the number of regular and emergency calls of specialists. All this will allow you to minimize and make absolutely transparent expenses for computer maintenance.
The transfer of some of the IT department's processes to BYTECH outsourcing allows to optimize the company's activities, establish uninterrupted operation of IT systems, fix the required quality of service, promptly attract highly qualified specialists to solve problems, optimize and make IT outsourcing costs more predictable.


  • Management of personal computer systems.
  • Installation, adjustment, maintenance, repair, modernization of computer equipment.
  • Support for system and office software.
  • Management of printing and information processing devices.
  • Installation, setting, maintenance, repair, modernization of office equipment, supply of consumables.

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The outsourcing of routine operations enables the IT department to free up human resources for solving creative and strategic tasks, and the company's management of the transfer of non-core functions to an outsourced executor allows it to focus on core business.