The most popular IT processes that can be outsourced

What is included in IT outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is a complex or a number of services for planning, implementation, technical support of network and server infrastructure, maintenance of computer and peripheral equipment, administration of software and information systems. I.e. everything that relates to the field of information technology and is involved in the production process. Service in this area requires a high level of professional skills from the specialists of the outsourcing company

Let's consider which processes can be outsourced to IT:

1. Workplace support
In support of jobs is included:
  • Management of personal computer systems.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance, repair, modernization of computer equipment.
  • Support for system and office software.
  • Control of printing and information processing devices.
  • Installation, configuration, maintenance, repair, modernization of office equipment, supply of consumables.
  • Provision of replacement equipment to replace the failed one.

2. Office printing service is a set of measures that solve the problem of uninterrupted and high-quality printing using the customer's printing devices, without the need to purchase a new fleet of equipment and maintain a staff of specialists for its maintenance.
The office printing service includes:
  • Provision of office equipment for rent, its integration into the customer's infrastructure.
  • Technical support of the provided equipment, its diagnostics, preventive and repair work.
  • Regular monitoring of the condition of office equipment: timely troubleshooting and replacement of equipment.
  • Supply and installation of all necessary consumables, control over their use. Disposal of used materials.
  • Providing reports on the number of prints produced.
  • Provision of replacement equipment to replace the failed one.

3. Call center

The specialists of the contact center perform the tasks of processing incoming and outgoing calls, advise, provide technical support, which contributes to improving the quality of service, makes working with the client more efficient. Outsourcing contact center services can be indispensable for both small businesses, startups, and large businesses

We provide all types of IT outsourcing services for a wide range of government and commercial enterprises of various sizes and fields of activity. The outsourcing of part of the IT department processes to our company allows us to optimize the company's activities, establish the smooth operation of IT systems, fix the required quality of service, promptly attract highly qualified specialists to solve problems, optimize and make IT outsourcing costs more predictable.

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