Bytech at the HoReCa exhibition. RetailTech 2019

From March 12 to March 14 in Minsk the 28th International exhibition for bars, restaurants, hotels and retail of HoReCa will take place. RetailTech. It is the thematic platform for demonstration of products and the presentation of novelties in the industry of public catering and hospitality.

The Bytech company will submit on the exposition the exclusive multipurpose decision for the organization of acceptance in vending devices of non-cash payments by all types of payment cards and mobile devices (smartphones, smartchas, smart cards) equipped with the NFC chip (MasterCard PayPass™, Visa PayWave™). The decision is realized on the basis of integration of the vending machine with mobile PINpad D200 (productions PAX Technology Ltd.) and already successfully passed test in large hypermarkets of Minsk.

Also we show the smart CIMA SDM 100 safe (Italy) which allows to accept revenue (banknotes and coins) in the organizations of retail, HoReCa and gas station. The car checks the placed money on a number of machine-readable signs for authenticity, and then automatically enlists on the settlement account of the legal entity. The last function is provided thanks to connection to the automated banking system (ABS). The client is identified on Dallas to a key, a magnetic card, the barcode or entering the digital code. Collection of the equipment happens in process of its filling. Risks on transportation of money are minimized, the number of collections decreases, expenses of the company due to optimization of processes of work with revenue are cut down.

Ajax – the most titled wireless security system in Europe will be presented at the stand of the Bytech company. The stylish design, ample opportunities on safety, simplicity in operation and installation do this system with elements of the "smart" house of one of the most demanded in Europe. We invite to test an innovative product on our exposition.
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